3450 Hooker Road, Pinckney, Michigan 48169, United States

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Pinckney and Hamburg Commercial/Residential
Well Drilling and Repair

Roberts well drilling well repair

24 hour emergency service available.

  • Wells:
    • Residential and Commercial.
    • Well chlorinations and inspections.
    • PVC, Steel, all sizes.
    • Small equipment for those tight or small space installations.
  • Pumps:
    • Service all makes, models and sizes.
    • Test pumps.
    • Constant pressure.
  • Tanks:
    • Service all makes and models.
    • Steel and fiberglass.
    • We offer brass.
  • Water treatment systems:
    • Water softeners.
    • Iron filters.
    • Arsenic removers.
    • Accurate water testing for correct sizing.

We have developed a custom built "pump pulling machine" that has the ability to fit through very narrow (as low as 38" open spaces).  We are the only local company that can use this equipment to pull and replace your defective well pump. 


24 hour emergency service available.

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Water testing service.

Our staff will come to your home and business and take water samples which are sent to a local lab providing immediate results.