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Pinckney and Hamburg Commercial/Residential
Well Drilling and Repair

Seven generations of experience and service.

Roberts company has been servicing the Livingston/Washtenaw area for over 50 years. Rob and Dave were born with "drilling in their blood". They come from many generations of drillers dating as far back as 1848.They continue to provide quality work for many local Pinckney/Hamburg businesses such as Carpet Depot, Pettysville Junction. Captain Frosty's and Hamburg Township offices.

The Roberts family has been drilling oil and water wells since 1848. First generation family members drilled in the West Virginia area, moved onto the Ohio and Kentucky regions and arrived in the Detroit area in 1930. The family has been drilling water wells in the Pinckney/Hamburg area since 1958.


Seven generations of experience and service


Dave Roberts


Moving equipment across the

 frozen Ohio River in 1870.


Drilling a water well for a schoolhouse in Cloverport, KY 1925


1952 Detroit area.


Oil drilling 1957.


Roberts family drilling.